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August 2006

BBC Radio 4 Programme 'Last Word' - The BBC's Robyn Read was present at Arthur's memorial service to record and interview members of the congregation for the Radio 4's 'Last Word' programme.

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April 2006

During April and May 2006 "Tory! Tory! Tory! - Outsiders" was screened on BBC4 and BBC 2....

This part one of three BBC Series explored the history of the people and their ideas behind what became known as Thatcherism, and how they changed the face of Britain. The film tells the story of those left in the political wilderness after World War Two, who saw the welfare state as the thin edge of a totalitarian wedge. At first they were seen as cranks, and their ideas - monetarism and a free market - as madness. But gradually they attracted supporters in the political mainstream. And when Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party, they saw their champion.

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December 2005

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Dr Arthur Seldon CBE (1916 – 2005)

The Launch of a Major New Series “The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon” (published by Liberty Fund)

The IEA 7th December 2005

The Editor of The Collected Works, Colin Robinson, Professor of Economics at the University of Surrey and IEA Editorial Director from 1992 to 2002, will speaks about Dr Seldon’s work, its significance and its influence. Professor Leonard P Liggio from George Mason University discusses the early intellectual influences on Dr Seldon, particularly Plant, Robbins and Hayek at the LSE in the 1930s. Lord Harris of High Cross also delivers a personal celebratory talk on his all but 50 year partnership with Arthur.

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Introduction by John Blundell - 3m52s

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Professor Leonard Liggio - 5m52s

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Professor Colin Robinson - 8m20s

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Lord Harris of High Cross - 14m20s


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Professor Antony Flew - 3m37s


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